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Our strengths

Nippon Hyomen Kagaku excels in having its sales, R&D, and manufacturing divisions integrated as one, allowing us to pursue craftsmanship while being attentive to clients’ needs.
Our sales staff also have advanced technical and industry knowledge, allowing them to respond to client requests quickly.
We are equipped to advise not just on the use of specific products, but the best manufacturing approach and costs. This comprehensive consulting capacity has earned us the trust of clients.
Furthermore, personnel engaged in research and development also actively take part in meetings and negotiations with clients. The exchange of opinions between our technical personnel and clients’ own allows us to truly home in on customers’ needs.
The Triner line of trivalent chromium conversion coating agents represents a major contribution to environmental protection by moving away from hexavalent chromium. It, too, was a result of these everyday efforts.
Our approach to R&D is to always look ahead beyond clients’ current needs and uncover what they may seek in the future. This allows us to be an industry leader in the development of cutting-edge products.

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