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1970- Green chromate
1982 Alkaline zinc/iron alloy plating
1984 Double-layer tin/zinc alloy plating
1997 Uniform zincate baths
1998 Organic acid trivalent chromium coatings
1999 Inorganic acid trivalent chromium coatings
2002 Zinger high-speed galvanization
2004 Black trivalent chromium coating for galvanization
2007 Black trivalent chromium coating for zinc-nickel
2007 Rust-proof, black trivalent chromium coating for galvanization
日本表面化学の技術 日本表面化学の技術
1968 Nippon Hyomen Kagaku was established in 1968 as a manufacturer of surface treatment agents.
Established the Osaka and Nagoya branches
1972 Expanded the Chigasaki plant
1983 Built new plant and research lab at our current location
1986 Established the Gunma satellite office in Isesaki
1987 Established the Tohoku sales office in Iwanuma
1989 Established the Chigasaki plant and warehouse facilities. Expanded the laboratory and research space
1991 Relocated and expanded the Gunma satellite office.
The new facility now acts as
the Northern Kanto sales office
1998 All departments obtain ISO9001 certification
1999 Recognized as a company with excellent management
and accurate tax filings and accounting
2002 Relocated headquarters
Kanagawa plant publicly recognized as an excellent factory
2005 Obtained ISO14001 certification in 2005
2009 Constructed the R&D center
Built new warehouse facility
2011 Opened a representative office in Shanghai, China
2012 Relocated Tohoku sales office to Natori
Established PT Jasco Chemicals Indonesia, our Indonesian subsidiary
2013 Established Jasco Chemical Inc., our American subsidiary
2014 Established Jasco Thailand, our Thai subsidiary
日本表面化学の社屋 日本表面化学の社屋